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Take 3 is a film club bringing a community cinema to Fradley in the Village Hall. We have had a large screen fitted that takes up most of the stage opening and a surround sound system. We aim to bring a wide range of films to the village and ask members to suggest films that they would like to see.  It will be a great way to catch up on films you missed. These may be recent releases or films that have been out for a little while. They may be classics that you would love to see on a big screen or something that you haven’t seen for a while. Fradley has limited entertainment facilities and this is a great community activity available to all.  We plan to screen one Friday a month although, if there is demand, in the  summer we may put an additional film on that will appeal to the younger audience and provide an additional activity for people during the summer holiday if they are not away.


Refreshments and snacks will be available.  We will be playing around with the format of the evening in the initial months to find out what works and what does not.  We will be trying a bar and light supper plates for some performances. You may only consume food and drink purchased on the premises.


Everyone in the village is a member of the Fradley Players Take 3 family and is welcome to watch films (subject to age rating).


Watching the films is free - However donations will be very gratefully received!  There are many expenses which need to be met to keep the club entertaining the village.


We are looking to have a registration scheme to help keep members up to date with film screening, polling film choices etc.  There will be a nominal annual £1 charge per adult for registration. If you would like to be registered and included on the mailing list for details of forthcoming screening please fill out the form below.

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16th March 2018


7.45pm doors open 7.00pm


Fradley Village Hall


Supper plate and snacks available

Admission Free (Donations Welcome)

Reserve Tickets

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Coming Soon...


Murder on the Orient Express

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The Greatest Showman

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